Domain Registration

There are many options for domain name registration and prices seem to keep changing. Some web hosting companies will even include a domain name for “free” with a hosting plan, however I recommend maintaining complete control of your name by registering with an accredited registrar that doesn't require you to use their hosting plan.

After much research these are my current recommendations for registrars. Both offer reasonable prices in either euros or canadian currency.Type a domain name in either box and you will be taken directly to their website to see if the name is available.

Note these registrars also offer web hosting plans, however I can offer hosting for similar prices and plans customized to meet your exact needs.

If it all seems confusing and you'd rather have me register and set up a domain name for you contact



In Europe

A German company offering .com .net .de and many other european country domain names

In Canada

A Canadian company offering .ca .com .net .org .info